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"There are literally hundreds of features contained within this package and as it is freeware you simply can't be without it. When it comes to click-to-open or drop down tree menus we are pretty sure EMenutree has got it covered."



1. Make DHTML tree menus that work in all major browsers.

With eMenuTree it is fast and easy to make and maintain click-to-open or drop-down tree menus and include them in all your pages.  These tree menus work in all major browsers.  You don't need to do any javascript programming; the software does all the work.

2. Manage all your links

With eMenuTree links are contained in a tree or drop-down menu.  If you place this menu in all of your web pages, all the your links will be accessible from all of your pages.  There is no need for you to create or maintain any internal links.

3. Many options

4. Easy to use

eMenuTree has a visual interface.  This makes it easy to design and create tree menus.  You see the tree as you design it.  You can add branches to the tree, copy branches, cut and paste.  In a matter of minutes you can redo all the links of a complex web site.

5. Now Absolutely Free.

Download and use eMenuTree for free.  No registration required. (The 4.6 version required registration, but here is your FREE registration number:, 768632).


Click here to download a fully functional freeware edition of eMenuTree 5: eMenutree 5.0, 3.0 MB. (This is an inhouse version, and so has some things that you might not use. But it also has some improvements, and can be used in Vista.)

What's new in 5.0?

1. Runs in Vista.

2. Create DotNetNuke menus.

3. Some infrequently used options eliminated.

A three step web site

With eMenuTree you create a web site in three steps:

1.   tree menu software
Use an HTML editor to write HTML content files.
2.   tree menu software
In eMenuTree, design and write the menu.
3.   tree menu software
Insert your menu into your HTML files. 

You build a tree with eMenuTree's visual interface.  When you run the program, eMenuTree writes a file called emenu.js.  This file contains the tree menu and all the required javascript.  To insert the menu into your HTML file, you simply type:

<script type='text/javascript' src='emenu.js'></script>

To get started, see "Getting started", or just write some simple HTML files and then in eMenuTree create a simple project.


This is a great product.  It easily beats all the more expensive sharewares like iMint and such.  The main reason is that it's so simple and the interface is really good.  I could get going in 1/2 hour on my site (about 1/10th the time it took to just try to figure out which of the many iMint versions I could use !).  I have been tasked to evaluate menu systems by a client and I will recommend using eMenutree. You should see a registration very soon.  (

eMenuTree is an excellent program, offering tremendous flexibility and adaptability.  It has made the upgrade of our website much easier and more stream line. (


1. A special word of thanks to Pittsburgh Web Spinners, a great place to host a web site.

2. I use emenutree in my own websites.  It saves me a ton of time, and does some things I don't know how to do otherwise.  I don't sell it anymore.  But I leave it up here just in case you might want to try it out! site map